Somatic yoga workshops in Kazimierzewo

‘Joyful soul in tranquil body’

We would like to invite you for a peaceful

and unforgettable dance of soul and body in a beautiful place. Natural environment in the village.


The topics:
head position (head set)  – Alexander technique
body awareness
harmony of movement
standing and movement on one food
walking  in relaxation
flexible feet and hands
Eye exercises
joint mobility
dissociation (trunk muscle relaxation)
How to achieve greater range of motion with minimal effort
Contact with yourself, with your partner and the environment
Relaxation in the supine position, sitting, standing, moving, in everyday life
How to deal with stress, anger, challenges –  Life is a mystery to discover, not a problem to solve. Life is your friend:)
The Myth of aging
Argentinian tango dance therapy


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