Dear Visitor,

I am retired and during my professional live as researcher, teacher and employee quality assurance, I developed symptoms in my shoulder and lower back and had subsequently some physiotherapy. I believe it is important to take proper care of your body and therefor I am glad I met Małgorzata who has a wide range of exercises originating from different disciplines. A yoga weekend with Małgorzata is not just another yoga weekend, but the exercises she presents are interspersed with Feldenkrais and Somatics (Thomas Hanna). For various body areas and complaints (neck, shoulders, lower back pain etc.) she knows exercises to reduce the symptoms and addressing the causes. She makes you aware of every muscle and every joint in your body and lets you look for the boundaries in a relaxed comfortable way. She is a pleasant conscious and competent instructor giving you personal attention for a proper execution of the exercises or to adapt the exercises if necessary. After the weekends I visited, I felt stronger, refreshed and I know what my body is capable of. The weekends I visited were held in beautiful rural relaxing environments. All together very worthwhile.

Best regards,

Maarten van Heeswijk



Z przyjemnością rekomendujemy Panią Małgorzatę Mączko, która prowadziła zajęcia jogi i gimnastyki antystresowej w klubie Balance od 8 marca 2007 roku do 31sierpnia 2012 roku.

Pani Małgorzata cechuje się dużą otwartością na opinie klienta, elastycznością oraz wszechstronnością jeśli chodzi o propozycje ciekawych zajęć dopasowanych do oczekiwań klienta. Profesjonalne i fachowe podejście do wykonywanych ćwiczeń, dobra komunikatywność, dyspozycyjność, oraz kreatywne podejście do rozwiązywania ewentualnych napotkanych problemów to z całą pewnością  jej mocne strony.

Przez ponad pięć lat prowadziła w klubie zajęcia 2-3 razy w tygodniu dla zróżnicowanej wiekowo grupy uczestniczek, jak również warsztaty weekendowe z jogi somatycznej, jogi oczu i palców, jogi na zdrowy kręgosłup, łącząc je z rożnymi technikami relaksacji i oddychania. Relacje niektórych uczestniczek zajęć są dostępne na stronie

Nasza współpraca układała się bardzo pomyślnie i możemy śmiało polecić usługi Pani Małgorzaty Mączko.

W przypadku jakichkolwiek pytań dotyczących naszej współpracy z Panią Małgorzata Mączko proszę o kontakt pod numerem telefonu 0048667 661 657 lub adres mailowy:

Z poważaniem

Alina Stielow


To whom it may concern

I have known  Malgorzata Maczko  over 15 years from India , where she was already serious student and
practitioner of Yoga.  Over the years she has continued to deepen her practice and expand the scope of her studies to include Somatic Yoga,
breathing and relaxation techniques.

I currently live in the UK and am telecom professional. I also play lot of sport like badminton and cricket.
I started to develop pain in my lower back.  I  took few classes  to learn the Yogic exercises to  improve the lower back health.
I found lot of relief and comfort on undertaking the lessons that were imparted by Margo.

Margo conducts her Classes to various people with dedication, compassion and Understanding.
I was very much impressed with the way she analyzed my individual needs and clearly explain or demonstrate the needed correction.
Whether She is teaching a class of one or a few, you feel the instruction is personal.

It has always been a pleasure to attend her classes and hope you see her in the same light.


Jagannadha Rao(Jagu)


Cuenca, Ecuador May 24/2013


It is important for us to share information about the teachings imparted by Malgorzata Maczko in Ecuador, her knowledge and techniques of Yoga, Reiki among other different methods of support for the daily living in harmony with the spirit. It should be noted that the aid received from Malgorzata in different workshops have strengthened the participants to have a better lifestyle from a personal and family point of view, and what she has been able to share with those in need has been greatly appreciated. What she has taught in Ecuador has been a novelty since the participants have found internal harmony in each Chakra of the body. This has strengthened our health and aroused our interest in knowing who we are, where we are going, and what is in the role of each of us as human beings and our commitment to the planet. Mrs. Maczko works tirelessly to inspire her students to perform to a high level during their participation in her classes and workshops. This is our testimony and recommendation to those who want to take advantage of the presence of Mrs. Malgorzata Maczko as a teacher in any instructional forum to ¨GOOD LIFE¨. This is what I can say in all honesty and thank God for knowing and having the friendship of this valuable woman.

Juan Batallas
India Vision Ecuador


In my profession as a psychologist I have had the pleasure to enjoy the services of Malgorzata Maczko. I have attended workshops that she has arranged in Poland (e.g. 3 days at a lovely mansion in the countryside with a group of people) and in Sweden. She has also given individual and group-sessions to me and my patients. Somatic yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques, massage etc. has been included in the sessions. Malgorzata Maczko is very competent and flexible I am impressed by her skills and her way to adapt techniques to and communicate with people with different backgrounds, expectations and needs. I have attended her sessions with e.g. older people with severe somatic problems, athletic persons wanting ?demanding exercises? and children. She is very attentive and has an excellent ability to give individual instructions even in a group setting. At some workshops she gave instructions in Polish and English in the same session. The atmosphere when she is teaching is calm, effective,  comfortable and it is always very pleasant. Follow-up-sessions on Skype has been a highly effective way to maintain the positive effects after group- or individual session. Malgorzata Maczko has excellent skills and I gladly recommend her and I will continue to ask for her services for myself and for my patients. I will be happy to provide further information if required.

Yours faithfully
Robert Lindwall
Licensed psychologist, licensed psychotherapist


Steinkjer, Norway, 25th May 2013

To whom it may concern I am a professor of Indian Philosophy and General Linguistics, teaching Sanskrit language and literature, Philosophy of Language, Vedas, Upanishads and the Gita in different institutions and universities. I had a privilege of knowing Malgorzata Maczko, as a yoga instructor for more than a decade. Her yoga lesson, including somatic exercises, breathing and relaxation techniques, are wonderful and worth attending to, as well as her reflexology treatments. Malgorzata Maczko is an excellent guide, teacher and a healer. Besides group classes she attends very well to the individual needs and offers individual exercises for those who need it. I have attended her workshops in India: Bangalore, Pondicherry, Auroville, it was delightful to be a part of these sessions. I am from Russia, but I lived for more than 20 years in India, where I came to know Malgorzata Maczko.  At present I live in Norway. I highly recommend her courses and services, and will be happy if she could come to Norway with her programs to teach here.

Sincerely yours,
Vladimir Yatsenko, PhD,
L?svingen 20,
Steinkjer, 7712
Mob. 0047 46904222


Bydgoszcz, Poland  25th May 2013

To whom it may concern I have had the pleasure of enjoying the services of Malgorzata Maczko, as my yoga instructor for 1, 5 years, 2-3 times a week. Every yoga lesson has included somatic yoga, stretching techniques, breathing and relaxation techniques, etc. Malgorzata Maczko is a very competent instructor, and the way she gives her instructions is confident and trustworthy. She is observant and gives friendly individual corrections for every asana.  It feels very safe to participate in her classes. She also offers a flexible routine according to the wishes from her class, tailored to individual needs, and general routines for everybody, even in a group setting. As I joined a yoga group of Polish participants, and my knowledge in Polish language is very deficient, Malgorzata gave her instructions in both Polish and English through every lesson. Every lesson she gives, is characterized by her pleasant voice, by a calm and good atmosphere, and the routines makes the body relax and all tension  disappear. I am from Norway, educated nurse, and I am now living in Poland for 4 years, due to my husband?s assignment as a
I highly recommend Malgorzata Maczko?s services.

I will be happy to provide further information if required.
My e-mail address:
Yours faithfully
Solvaar Westlye